The IMPIC Project

Immigration Policies in Comparison

Over the last two decades both immigration politics and research on
immigration issues have become very important. So far, there is however
no dataset that would allow researchers to systematically investigate
immigration policies across a large sample of countries. The aim of the
Immigration Policies in Comparison (IMPIC) project is therefore to
create a set of sophisticated quantitative indices to measure
immigration policies in all OECD countries and for the time period
1980-2010. By means of this new dataset the causes and effects of
immigration policies will be studied more systematically.

The Immigration Policies in Comparison (IMPIC) project is led by Marc Helbling at the University of Bamberg and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center and was funded by the Emmy-Noether program of the German Research Foundation for the period 2011-2016. You find the project webpage here. For an overview of the conceptualization of the database see here.

The following people have so far contributed to this project: Liv Bjerre, Friederike Römer, Stephan Simon, Samuel Schmid, Malisa Zobel, Anne Bohm, Florian Eyert, Maren Hahnen, Jonas Kahle, Gregory Kerr, Jakob Oxenius, Andrea Pürckhauer and Hannah Schilling.


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